Now that the New Year celebrations are behind us, we’re all settling back into the day-to-day routines that keep a family functioning. Winter vacations, holiday parties, seasonal feasts and family traditions have once again given way to the normalcy of homework, after-school activities, play dates and household chores. So what does that mean for your [...]


Experienced parents know that our role is one big routine punctuated by moments of heart-filling joy — plus a few dashes of terror, confusion, heartbreak, and fatigue. Fathers share in this awesome responsibility called parenting, but sometimes we forget to be mindful of just how much fun we are having being a dad. I love [...]


Ahhhh! How wonderful it is to sniff your baby’s head and watch that innocent and wonderful human being smile back at you. One look into your baby’s eyes and you feel blissful. Remember how you used to look at your spouse that way? Remember how he or she used to be your baby? The center [...]