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Some of the most common questions I get from parents center around sibling rivalry. It’s an enormous topic because it happens in seemingly every family. Thousands of books have been written on the subject, and rightly so. Siblings just have a knack for driving each other crazy – and for taking their parents along for [...]


Picture this: You’re driving along the highway when another car cuts into your lane causing you to slam on your brakes. You think to yourself, “What a @#$%!” You honk your horn, make some obscene hand gestures and maybe even tailgate the other car while maniacally flashing your lights. Not your finest moment, but you’ve [...]


Do you find yourself searching your teenage daughter for signs of the sweet little girl she once was? Does it mystify you how the same girl who used to enthusiastically spill every detail of her day, now responds to your inquires with a monosyllabic grunt? Well, you’re not alone. This baffling transformation takes place in [...]


If you haven’t already read Part One of this article, click here. Now in Part Two we’ll look at the remaining four conversation landmines. Here we go… Mistake #4: Minimize her problems.  This can be accomplished by using phrases such as, “Don’t be so dramatic,” and “It’s not the end of the world,” and the parental favorite, “There [...]