Jodie Block

To make sure your kids’ Halloween is full of fun and not just sugar, we found some fantastic kid-friendly activities with a focus on spooky-but-healthy snacks! Get your kids involved in preparing these simple recipes, and they’ll have the added benefit of filling up your little monsters on healthier fare before they head out trick-or-treating…less [...]


Halloween is upon us once again and that means one thing: an avalanche of candy abounds. In the weeks leading up to Halloween, Americans will spend close to two billion dollars on candy…and that boils down to A LOT of sugar. Everyone knows that the empty calories contained in sugar cause unwanted weight gain in [...]


Whenever possible, I choose a preemptive approach to snacking; I prepare healthy treats made from unprocessed, whole foods for my kids. But that’s not always enough to combat the onslaught of less-than-nutritious options we’re faced with once we leave the house. A few weeks ago, my daughter had a craving for a smoothie from our swim [...]


If you are wondering why I call myself the “Sneaky Dietitian”, I’m going to clue you in by sharing a few of my favorite meals that are so sneaky (and so easy), your picky eater will never suspect why you aren’t nagging them at meal time! My Top 5 “Hidden Healthy” Recipes to Make for Your Kids #5 [...]