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Even if someone warned you about the “terrible two’s” or “terrible three’s”, nothing can prepare you for the non-stop battle of wills quite like spending an entire day with an actual toddler. Pouring milk from a heavy gallon container? “I do it!!!” But walking 3 steps to the car? “I can’t do it!!!” Climbing on [...]


The day your little one goes off to his first day of preschool or day care is going to be an emotional one…for both of you. He or she is likely to experience a mix of curiosity, excitement and, most likely, a natural sense of worry over the idea of being separated from you. It’s [...]

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Some of the most common questions I get from parents center around sibling rivalry. It’s an enormous topic because it happens in seemingly every family. Thousands of books have been written on the subject, and rightly so. Siblings just have a knack for driving each other crazy – and for taking their parents along for [...]


Picture this: You’re driving along the highway when another car cuts into your lane causing you to slam on your brakes. You think to yourself, “What a @#$%!” You honk your horn, make some obscene hand gestures and maybe even tailgate the other car while maniacally flashing your lights. Not your finest moment, but you’ve [...]