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A few weeks ago, standing in line at Souplantation, I spied the young boy in front of me who, for someone at a salad bar, was holding a plate conspicuously lacking in vegetables. I pointed to the tomatoes and shriveled up my nose as if to say “Yuck!” And then I dared him to eat [...]


As your kids grow, you want them to develop with a healthy relationship with food, to learn how to make the right choices, and to thrive as a result. And chances are what your kids want is another serving of French fries to go with their hot dog. Sound about right? Well, getting your kids [...]


Let’s face it. If you’re a parent, then there will be days when there truly is NO time in your hectic schedule for some exercise. Well, there are great parks and playgrounds in just about every community in this country, so if you have children who still enjoy going to the playground, why not use [...]


If you are wondering why I call myself the “Sneaky Dietitian”, I’m going to clue you in by sharing a few of my favorite meals that are so sneaky (and so easy), your picky eater will never suspect why you aren’t nagging them at meal time! My Top 5 “Hidden Healthy” Recipes to Make for Your Kids #5 [...]