Nutrition & Fitness

Halloween is upon us once again and that means one thing: an avalanche of candy abounds. In the weeks leading up to Halloween, Americans will spend close to two billion dollars on candy…and that boils down to A LOT of sugar. Everyone knows that the empty calories contained in sugar cause unwanted weight gain in [...]


While the head injuries of high-profile athletes (i.e. Troy Aikman, Sidney Crosby, James Harden) have started to make the news in recent years, it’s a poignant story from Washington State that’s really changed how young athletes are treated. Zackery Lystedt, a gifted 13-year-old junior high football player, played hard. He was driven to succeed, both on and [...]


Did you walk or bike to school when you were a kid? If you did, I bet those are some of your most cherished memories. Sure, we live in a very different world today, but you can still help your kids have that same memorable experience…and boost their health and fitness along the way! With [...]


Whenever possible, I choose a preemptive approach to snacking; I prepare healthy treats made from unprocessed, whole foods for my kids. But that’s not always enough to combat the onslaught of less-than-nutritious options we’re faced with once we leave the house. A few weeks ago, my daughter had a craving for a smoothie from our swim [...]