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To make sure your kids’ Halloween is full of fun and not just sugar, we found some fantastic kid-friendly activities with a focus on spooky-but-healthy snacks! Get your kids involved in preparing these simple recipes, and they’ll have the added benefit of filling up your little monsters on healthier fare before they head out trick-or-treating…less [...]


Read the article “7 Surefire Ways to Shut Down Communication with Your Teenage Daughter” WITH your teenage daughter and ask HER to share which conversation landmines happen between the two of you. If you stay open minded and listen to her perspective, I guarantee you will learn something about your daughter that you didn’t know [...]


Take the Challenge by reading our Sneaky Dietician’s article “Five Hidden Healthy Recipes to Make For Your Kids” and trying out one of her recipes at home. Did anyone notice the hidden healthy ingredients? Did a picky eater venture into new territory? Did a veggie phobic child eat a vegetable? Let us know by posting your comments!

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